Jun 24

wnda l8iJay Weiner does a story on our campaign for the Minnesota Lynx. Great links to our TV and Radio spots (they were banned so it’s questionable if they work at times).This feature does a comprehensive job setting up the challenges we faced in re-branding the Minnesota Lynx and women’s professional basketball. As always, we rely on the media to explain our work to you–it is more credible to have a third party advocate.

The footnote to this story is the following: in 2011, the Lynx won The World Championship–and walk up ticket sales increased 46% year over year. Think about that–those were 46% more brand advocates online, on the street, all over working for the WNBA.

P.S. Here is another article about “The Lynx Ad You Won’t See” that got pulled after two spots. Major press and fans showed up–in fact, it is what got things started.

Jun 19


nealStAnthony_squareThumb“United Way has taken a new stance in hopes of fattening the charity’s coffers and the most visible change may be the new mobile campaign. The old spots created by Digitas featured individual contributors and connected them, for example, to the “834 at-risk preschoolers” they funded or the “23 cars” that were repaired to transport working-poor moms to jobs. But Minneapolis digital agency AB Geist this fall gave United Way’s “helping hand” a manicure, with a campaign targeting a younger, Internet-savvy audience.

The message seeks to transcend the differences between the city and the suburbs, Democrats and Republicans, even blondes and brunettes. The campaign seeks to attract divided groups, whether liberal or conservative, even Vikings and Packers fans, and particularly young people, who tend to volunteer more and give a lower percentage of income than older folks, according to Chris Birt, CEO of AB Geist.

The agency has received national attention in the past for a Minneapolis Public Library capital campaign featuring Chairman Mao, a guy not known for his literary range.”

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Jun 15

Link here to a redone site for The Walkway Uptown Luxury Apartments. It got a little mangled by the new management company. On the other hand, it is STILL complimented by our searingly luxurious brochure and a marvelous sales center. More impressive than the creative (in our opinion) is the speed with which this site has vaunted to the very upper reaches of Google in a startlingly brief time. They currently have the highest rents AND the highest occupancy as reported by The Real Estate Journal. Our branding was essential to the first 130% return on equity sale. We had no model, no floorplan, nothing but words.

Jun 13


A gCapturereat post by a few researchers at Meltwater that describes how “social listening,” among other techniques, works. Of course to listen in you assume that people are already talking about you. Buzz is what gets people talking, social intelligence techniques help you nurture the relationship. ABGeist is fluent in the Meltwater, Cision and Pardot marketing automation suites to help you leverage existing social media tools.

Jun 4

Wine and Sprits Presentation (2)


Nothing like Jack Johnson to sell a Surfer Wine in England. Among our many assignments for Constellation Brands–the world’s largest wine distributor–we have been proud to introduce some of the top-selling high image|low priced wines: including this brand that was created by agency principal John Marinovich. The Twin Fin is a surfboard style that is much prized among “old school” surfers like Mr. Johnson et al.

May 15


This chart says it all. When it comes to actually selling things through mobile marketing, email rockets ahead of all the other channels. Anyone can sell you on social posting but it takes a more experienced hand to craft a successful e-mail campaign. This measures online purchases of goods under $100.00. What is the most impressive (and sorta scary) fact here is that people are buying more stuff by getting text messages than facebook posts.

Moral of the e-mail? Make it easy and quick to read on the phone. 

Mar 20


If you have ever wondered why it took so long for Whole Foods to aggressively expand in the Minneapolis & St. Paul market this campaign had something to do with it.

One of our very first campaigns for this upscale grocer introduced the world to the concept of food/fashion that was later copied by Target Stores. Passionate advocates coalesced around a single Fall campaign. The idea was later feted’ by Barbara Walters and Elizabeth Hasselbeck on The View.


Mar 15


Digital tools do not always get the job done, particularly in markets that reward highly tactile, “hands-on” marketing. Sometimes we will design a custom box to hold a 5 x 7 silk screened canvas, a brochure with property floor plans & an invitation to a grand opening party. This completely hand-tooled destination campaign for The Golden Row uses the architect’s original marker drawing as the central image. Packages were hand delivered to influential advocates across the West.