Being highly ranked organically on Google and Bing is key to online marketing. Without a top search ranking other options are ineffective. Why? Because organic search drives more business that any other web channel–by a substantial margin. You probably know that over 90% of all web activity begins and often ends with search. Not everyone knows the difference an organic ranking offers over paid search and placement.

A paid search listing, a sponsored story or a paid tweet vanishes once you stop paying for it. A web presence that has been generated by Advertising, Advocacy and Online Identity never will. Without getting too far into the weeds, our success in getting pages to rank is based on the basic blocking and tackling of SEO. The content on your site will simply be tagged, taxonomized and optimized more effectively than your competitors. And naturally the content itself will be great. In fact, it will be created in a manner that amplifies your brand messaging based on your advertising.